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A family office at the heart of Swiss banking

Granite Group’s multilingual team of financial experts has extensive experience in various fields. Our expertise and the quality of our network allow us to offer a large portfolio of services to high-net-worth individuals and families with expert know-how and professional commitment.

Our Network

Granite Group relies on an extensive network of top service providers in different markets and industries while ensuring your independence in a flexible, non-restrictive environment. We cooperate with partners in all relevant sectors, such as real estate agents, private and investment banks, international law firms, trustees, communications specialists and cultural institutions. We actively cultivate a professional and personal network in Switzerland and abroad to ensure excellent business conditions for our clients not only within, but also beyond the financial industry.

Granite is characterized by its high resistance, hardness and weather resistance. Because of these qualities, granite has become a symbol of stability. Granite is a particularly versatile stone and is especially suitable for polishing and grinding. For thousands of years, granite has been of great importance for architectural and construction purposes.

CEO Statement Granite Group

“Granite is a symbol of strength, elegance, and durability. Granite rocks are not only found in the Swiss Alpine massif but also in edifices and artwork around the globe: pyramids, temples, and buildings, as well as statues, millstones, and industrial tools. Holding granite stone in your hand will let you feel its strength and contemplate its gracious beauty of elegant colour patterns. You will feel the mystery of a rock that has existed for millions of years.

Our company Granite Group lives up to the same values: stability, solidity, and diversity. For Granite Group, it is vital to have a solid foundation on which we give you at once security as well as know-how to make your wishes come true and your aspiration become reality. We take the time that is needed not only to build up a solid basis of trust and confidence but also to identify future needs you and your business may have.

We underpin the long-term sustainable development of your interests. We rely on our wide-ranging expertise in many fields and combine it with the know-how of a broad network of independent and trustworthy service providers. We know our clients’ individual needs and expectations are as diverse as the many colours and types of granite. Rest assured that we will meet your expectations and ensure long-lasting trust and reliability.”

Our expertise

Our decades of experience in finance enabled us to carve our service portfolio according to the individual needs of our unique clients. We strive to provide all-round asset management services offering guidance in the core areas of wealth management, trust and fiduciary services, and project management in connection with corporate and financial transactions.

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